Subconscious investing for millennials.

Investments, shares and the stockmarket seem to go through one ear and out the other. This is not out of lack of interest but lack of know-how. Acorns is a micro-investment app that has millennials in mind. It collects your virtual spare change and invests it for you – no know-how required.

Founder, Jeff Cruttenden was raised by a financially savvy CEO father and had a great understanding of investments by age 11. Once in college he found that his classmates had an interest in investments but didn’t have the understanding and the minimum lump sum required to get the ball rolling. So he created Acorns, which appeals to the under 35’s that use credit/debit cards, tap n’ pay and online banking more than cash money.

How does Acorns work? It rounds up. Once your bank account is linked, every odd transaction you make is rounded up to the nearest dollar and invested in the sharemarket. Example: Your morning coffee and bagel comes to $9.36, Acorns will round it up to $10 and invests the 64c.

Founded in 2014 by Walter and Jeff Cruttenden, the father-son team have expanded the micro-investment app globally. Acorns Grow Australia made its debut appearance in February this year after a joint-venture agreement between the US-based start-up and Instreet Investment. Since its entrance into the Australian market it has had over 50,000 app downloads and has been helping people turn their spare change into profitable investments.

The app has been successful in exposing Generation Y’s to an inexpensive way to enter the sharemarket with 75% of Acorns Grow Australia customer base being under the age of 35.

Recently the app has started to integrate financial advice and content, which in my view will go along way to helping educate the younger generation on the evolving world of etrade.

For frequent swipers, tappers and bumpers, Acorns is an opportunity for mindless investment. You can tailor your approach of how aggressive you want to be and they do all the work for you. That’s not to sound negative but instead of consciously putting money in a box that is the same value when you pull it out, Acorns allow you to save and potentially double your money on the daily without you having to think about it.

Move the needle! Move the needle!

Moving the needle speaks to our deeply held desire to do work that makes a difference — to our client’s world, the way they do business and their bottom line.

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