Apple’s Passbook is becoming more useful

Passbook is Apple’s digital-coupon storage app. It launched as part of iOS 6 in September with the promise of storing boarding passes, movie tickets, event passes, loyalty cards and coupons. Sensitive to time and location, it’s potentially really useful for marketers and customers - and with more Passbook-ready apps now available in the Aussie app store it’s finding momentum here. (Haven’t heard of Passbook yet? It launched with a whimper, you’ll be hearing more about it soon). Australian passes include:

Passbook provides a useful platform for loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets and coupons. A recently filed patent hints Apple is planning to update Passbook with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, which means relevant passes could be displayed as soon as someone is near a known store. Passbook is already location-aware, but NFC would make it more relevant and useful.

How can you use Passbook to be useful to your customers? Let us know if we can help.

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