Business executives prefer email newsletters for news

Quartz Inbox Newsletter Survey

Not a huge surprise, but a timely reminder. The Quartz Global Executive Study has found email newsletters are the preferred medium for business executives to receive industry-specific news, edging out industry news sites, general news sites, social media and industry events. 91% of the 940 top-tier executives surveyed share news they find valuable (most commonly via email). Mobile, of course, is the preferred device for reading news and email newsletters.

We regularly create digital marketing strategies, and as long as it’s the right fit and works strategically, email marketing finds itself in the mix more often than not. Email marketing can be very effective for customer acquisition - in some cases, nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. Social networks and social media absolutely have their place - they’ve had a critical role in several of our campaigns and strategies, and the point of this post isn’t to knock Facebook and Twitter. The point is that email marketing is an extremely effective channel when used the right way with the right data at the right stage of a customer’s journey.

If you’d like to explore how strategic, mobile-optimised email campaigns can help your business grow, please feel welcome to say hello.

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