Digital Marketing Talk @ Uni of Newcastle

I recently delivered a guest lecture to the Master of Marketing class on Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Newcastle. The talk was about all things digital in marketing and advertising. I gave an outline of my approach to digital strategy, presented some great campaigns, talked about what makes awesome digital work and managed to get my facts wrong when I discussed Natalie Tran. (Natalie is Australia’s number 1 YouTube video blogger. It was only later I remembered that Natalie’s YouTube stardom made Triple J and others take notice, not the other way around).

My slide deck and talk are embedded complete with Q&A from the class afterwards. The video case studies I presented - Antwerp Zoo and Nike Take Antwerp, both by Boondoggle - are in the video at 7:32 and 11:30 respectively. I also mentioned Nike Chalkbot by W+K; another strategic and successful digital campaign (that isn’t from Antwerp).

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