Engaging content. Where are your stories?

One of the biggest secrets to creating engaging content is simply, awareness. There are undoubtedly stories hidden in your business that your customers, potential customers and employees would be fascinated to see. You just need to ask yourself, “where are my stories?”

There are some awesome examples around where a company has set out to capture and share some of the stories of their business - They make for great viewing. Check out some of these:

The Construction of the 15 story Ark Hotel in China that was built from prefabricated parts in just a few days.

Southwest Airlines are as good as it gets in telling their company’s stories and people love them for it. Here is a time lapse film of the engineers putting together a new aircraft.

Or ships leaving dry docks after repairs.

Or a beautiful film of the painstaking effort that goes into creating a hand-printed Field Notes book.

Here’s a slightly different example but it shows the payoff for being aware. It’s an old Tiger Woods Nike ad. While waiting to shoot the ad on the script, Tiger just starting juggling the ball on his club. Someone saw it and said, let’s film that, that’s a story. The new film ended up being far more famous than the ad they set out to shoot.

Truth is, once you have the story, they are pretty easy and cost effective to capture (even the Tiger Woods example was far cheaper to shoot than the ad in the script). So be aware people. Find your stories. Share your stories.

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