Eno, Capital One’s SMS Service

The first 24/7 SMS chatbot by a US bank.

Capital One has just launched a new 24/7 SMS service. 

Named Eno, this new customer service channel is a natural language ‘chatbot’. In other words, Eno is an automated program that simulates real conversation with people. Texting Eno will get a relevant response immediately, any time.

Chatbots aren’t new. What is new is using a SMS chatbot to manage credit cards and bank accounts. Eno works like Siri, but instead of speaking to Eno, you text Eno like you would text anyone else.

Eno can be used for checking balances—by asking or texting the 💰  emoji. Customers can also check recent transactions, see available credit, get bill due dates and pay credit card bills.

The utility of Eno is clear. It puts customer service right where customers are and makes it available whenever they need it.

97% of US consumers with smartphones use messaging to communicate, and we want to be where our customers are — whenever and wherever they want to talk with us about their money.

Steph Hay, Head of Conversation Design, Capital One

It’s early days for Eno, but I expect this will be an enduring and commercially successful strategy for Capital One. Customer research feedback has praised how “natural” Eno feels and how much quicker it is. 

Nearly every research participant remarks on how much they like Eno. That’s more than just having answers; that’s getting to know someone.

Steph Hay, Head of Conversation Design, Capital One

Eno comes with obvious scope for deeper personalisation, broader application, and genuine relationship building between customers and their bank. Commercially, this can help move the needle on acquisition, retention and customer satisfaction.  👍

Move the needle! Move the needle!

Moving the needle speaks to our deeply held desire to do work that makes a difference — to our client’s world, the way they do business and their bottom line.

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