Get Cash from RBS

Rbs Getcash

The Royal Bank of Scotland mobile banking app earned a Gold Lion at Cannes this year. Beyond the features you’d expect from a banking leader in experience design, RBS recently launched some really useful mobile innovations that earned the Gold Lion.

‘Get Cash’ enables customers to withdraw money from ATMs without using their bank card. It offers customers an easy fix for lost or forgotten cards, a way to quickly send money to family or friends in need, or a choice of leaving their wallets at home in favour of their mobile phones. Customers choose an amount of cash they’d like to withdraw from within the app, and are then provided with a secure cash code that can be used at any NatWest, RBS or Tesco cash machine. The cash code can also be texted to someone else.

‘Pay Your Contacts’ allows customer to send money to anyone who has a valid UK Visa card just using their UK mobile number.

These innovations - and the Gold Lion - are the result of RBS relentlessly pursuing usefulness. How can your brand be more useful using mobile?

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