Goals in Google Analytics

If you’re responsible for a website you’re probably tracking your website’s metrics with Google Analytics. Are you also tracking how many people achieve your website’s goals and ‘convert’?

Conversion could be signing up for a newsletter, buying a product, making a booking, downloading a catalogue or watching a video. By measuring conversions you can understand how many people are achieving your website’s goals and what’s preventing others from achieving them.

Goals measure how well your website is achieving its objectives. Goals can be based on a destination, event or type of engagement. They provide valuable intelligence on how well your website is performing, and when the funnel leading up to a goal is visualised in Google Analytics you can identify opportunities for improvement and increased conversion. Watch the video above to understand the difference types of goals and how you can use them. Then, watch the rest of the videos in the series to learn about “goal flow”, improving conversion and making the most of your website traffic.

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