Great companies care about their suppliers

In a book about the Conscious Capitalism movement I co-authored, ‘Touchy-Feely, Tree-Hugging Bullshit’ we came across a number of inspiring companies, one of which was the Mexican fast food business, Chipotle.

The company was founded on the principles of fresh food made from the best ingredients and, as is the way with Conscious Capitalist businesses, fair treatment to all stakeholders (a particular principle that unfortunately, is all to rare in business today).

Chipotle has always ensured they treat their suppliers (farmers) respectfully and fairly. They have a policy of working with family farms (local where possible) and in an amazing demonstration of equity, they even raised the rates of the tomato pickers who supply to them 64%.

In a continued show of support for farmers, Chipotle has just released a powerful commercial to help raise money for Farm Aid.

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