Hillary clinton gets her tumblr on

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Hillary Clinton recently met up with the creators of the Tumblr that’s sweeping the internet, ‘Texts from Hillary’.

The Tumblr collects fictional responses to an image of Hillary Clinton on board a military C17 aircraft checking her phone messages.

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In a twist, real responses have started making their way to the the Tumblr from Clinton herself. It seems Madam Secretary has become somewhat of a fan.

And if you read the Tweets, people are loving the fact that she she loves it. They have responded to her self deprecating appreciation.

She and her team have obviously recognised a great opportunity with the Tumblr to crank up her popularity dial and possibly position her for Hillary 2016.

Clinton first sent off a couple of her own responses to the guys that started the Tumblr, Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith;

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She then actually invited the duo into her office where she joked with them and “thanked them for the LOLZ” - she even posed with them for a photo to prove the story was real.

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This is a brilliant example of  harnessing the power of social media that applies beyond politics. Hillary Clinton listened to what activity was going and what was tending, she played the game the way it was being played, connected at the right time in the right way, she revealed something new to a new audience and she had a laugh with and at herself.

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