Lady gangstas, burning oil and cars on two wheels, what’s not to like?

I just saw the latest music video from artist MIA, Bad Girls. It’s not so much the song that grabs me, as it is the clip that goes with it (well it doesn’t just grab me, it slaps me around like I owe it money). It’s the second MIA clip shot  by Director, Romain Gavras (they teamed up on earlier song, Born Free).

Man, do I love the work of Romain Gavras (2 million views in 2 days, I’m not Robinson Crusoe). He has such a great eye, fresh perspective and powerful way of telling stories. His Adidas commercial from last year, ‘All in’ took the vignette genre of commercials and cranked it up to 11.

I reckon there’s not a single shot in this video that doesn’t clip you over the ear.

Just thought I’d share.

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