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UX, or User Experience design, is at the core of all our digital design and build projects. We favour a complete UX roadmap when building websites and apps and brands find every dollar spent on UX drives between $2 and $100 in return.

Doing it well can take time, and when time doesn’t allow for the complete roadmap we adopt principles from the Agile Manifesto and Lean Startup Movement to achieve ‘Lean UX’ relatively quickly. There’s nothing like following the complete roadmap, but when we can’t, we go lean.

Jason Crane and Ben Webster are the seasoned UX practitioners at Lean UX  research, design and training. We’re bringing Lean UX to Newcastle for a one-day workshop in November. Emphasising rapid prototyping and short iterations, Lean UX is built around running mini-experiments. These mini-experiments follow a simple structure:

  1. Develop the idea (hypothesis)
  2. Build a prototype to test the idea (experiment)
  3. Observe and measure the results (collect data)
  4. Analyse and learn from the data (learn)
  5. Develop new ideas based on what you’ve learned

You’ll learn how to apply these principles to user experience and rapidly test your ideas. You’ll use tools and approaches like personas, user journeys, design studio, sketching and usability testing.

The workshop is for marketers, designers, agencies, brands, product managers, developers, UX practitioners and entrepreneurs. It’s on 29 November at Merewether Surf Club and costs $425 per person.

Buy a ticket if you’d like to come

Note: Originally the date was 25 October, this has now been changed to 29 November.

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