Let’s build Australia!

It must be the mum in me but I just came across the new Lego and Google Chrome interactive online playground  and just had to have a go.

SO - what is it I hear you ask?

Well, basically its a huge (Google Map) map of the world and you can go anywhere (in Aus and NZ currently) and build something out of virtual Lego! Once you have unleashed your inner child you can then share it with your friends via FB and the like.

Its been designed to celebrate Lego’s 50th anniversary ‘Festival Of Play’ campaign, while promoting Google Chrome as a user-friendly browser.

I think it does an awesome job at showing how well you can integrate an old school brand in the virtual world but it does have a few things I think may need tweaking - its a bit slow, when you want to look at what someone has built there is no explanation of what it is (and believe me there are some weird ones that need it!), it also doesn’t tell you who built it in the pop up - which would be cool.

But you can look at everything in 3D which is fun and I like the fact its going to be a global campaign not country based (although Australia/NZ  is the first to get it!) plus a very clever way of getting more people to use Chrome.

Check it out - let me know what you think. I’m off to apply to build the Village of Useful somewhere…

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