Living your Strength

I came across writer/speaker/coach, Marcus Buckingham a while back and his message still resonates with me. He suggests that our school system, workplace and society is designed in such a way that it actually mires people in their weaknesses.

He asks parents a hypothetical question; if their child was receiving an A in one subject, a B in another and an F in a third, what subject would you spend the most time with you your child? The vast majority say the F subject  is where they would spend their time and money (extra tuition). Now the subject the child gets an A in is ignored and the child spends all their attention and energy doing a subject that they likely have no real connection with. A subject that weakens them.

Marcus suggests the A subject is the one that needs the special attention. This is most likely the one that comes easiest to the child. The subject that strengthens them.

This remedial behaviour he says, continues in the workplace. You have a performance review, your employer says, “hey, your doing really well at this and that but you could do with some help in this area” – again, most likely an area that weakens you. Now this is where your employer wants you to spend your time to improve and likely some training money - In other words, not focus on what strengthens you.

The question must then be asked, what if schools and workplaces were not remedial in structure but instead were filled with people focusing on their strengths?

Move the needle! Move the needle!

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