Road Trips & Buyable Pins

$2.7m in earned media for the world's largest spray paint company.

A $200,000 budget generated $2.7m in earned media for Krylon, the world’s largest spray paint company.

While Krylon’s known for its wide range of colours and protective ability, this isn’t what Krylon’s biggest fans value most. They’ll tell you Krylon’s most important attribute is its ability to bring antiques back to life.

To showcase the restorative potential of the spray paint, Krylon’s team jumped into a renovated van, grabbed a lot of spray paint, and took a trip along the famous “World’s Largest Yard Sale” on US Route 127. Over the course of nearly 700 miles and four days the crew purchased and restored hundreds of antiques with Krylon. They shared the journey through short DIY restoration tutorial videos on Twitter.

All items that were purchased and restored from the road were sold on Pinterest in real-time using buyable pins.

The road trip campaign generated almost 70m social media impressions and a total of $2.7m in earned media from a $200,000 budget. All proceeds were donated to charity.

A great example of a customer insight and brand utility generating ‘talkability’ and ROI well beyond the marketing investment.

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