Puma kicks creativity and data together

Puma Website

Here’s a quick exercise in creative data-driven design. Hit puma.com and go exploring. Pick a product or sport you’re interested in or dive into a lifestyle site. Follow your interests and go on a journey, and be aware of how you’re encouraged to explore, how the site interacts and how engaged you are with the artwork, language, content and interface. A standout brand experience, don’t you think?

There’s thorough science at work here. The engagement and fulfilling customer journeys were created through a detailed customer experience design process. Puma works hard to continually optimise the site’s performance, and with a recent optimisation and analytics exercise managed to boost order rates by 7.1% and increase engagement by nearly 50%. Along with unlocking additional revenue and driving engagement on what was already a well-performing site, Puma gathered insights into product and content popularity to drive strategy and gained an understanding of which content results in sales within each region.

Download this PDF for details on how Puma used Google Analytics features like event tracking and advanced segments to analyse individual products, measure goals and understand micro-conversions. Or ask us about it and we’ll help you understand how creativity and data can achieve results for your brand.

Move the needle! Move the needle!

Moving the needle speaks to our deeply held desire to do work that makes a difference — to our client’s world, the way they do business and their bottom line.

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