Things that don’t belong in vending machines. A tip on getting your brand noticed.

Taking your business’ products or services and placing them out of context is always and interesting idea to explore when trying to generate some talk.

This is often the starting point for ambient stunts. Seeing things out of context is disruptive but if done well, i.e. still relevant and connected to the product or service to those experiencing it, it can be a really powerful.

One example of this things that don’t belong in vending machines. Nike used this tactic to show the spreading of love for football in their Juga Bonita campaign for the World Cup.

A96684 Soccer

Here’s a smart car vending machine. A great way to showcase the size of the car and allow people to experience it out of context.

Japanese Smart Car Vending Machine

This vending machine sells funky Japanese Onitsuka Tiger shoes from a vending machine (or most likely it doesn’t, but it does get the out there).


Ok, now how about just some weird stuff in vending machines.

A96684 Lobster
A96684 Pizza
Vending Machine Bugs
A96684 Ties
A96684 Livebait

The last but not least. This one is amazing. It allows you to choose China that then falls to the base of the machine and smashes. Why isn’t this machine everywhere?

Vending Machine Break A China
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