Innovation Strategy & Consulting at The Village

An ASX 100 client called us the ‘from and to’ people. We like that. It refers to our ability to help clients that have long delivered a product or service in a particular way to conceive, create and commercialise products and services and sell them to customers; existing and new. We execute end to end.

Our work recently saw a long-standing client named World’s Most Innovative Company at the International Business Awards.

Corporate innovation means moving from an old way of doing business to a new way of doing business. From old products and services to new products and services. From a traditional customer experience to a new customer experience. From an existing customer to a new customer. We help companies make the transition and commercialise innovation.

Some of our innovation clients utilise our full suite of services. Others just require one or two services, like strategy or user experience (UX) design. On the journey of conceiving, creating and commercialising products and services, typical engagements include:


Innovation strategy – Research and strategy for new products, services, experiences and business models.


Bring it to life – Branding, service and retail design, large-scale UX, website and technology implementation.


Take it to market – Customer experience, marketing strategy and advertising.


Can we help with your next innovation? Let’s talk.

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