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When implementing eCommerce and retail strategies, we use Shopify. We’ve been helping businesses sell online with Shopify since the early days of the Village and have over a decade’s personal website design and development experience on the Shopify eCommerce platform.

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About Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for selling online and in-store. It’s used by Patagonia to sell adventure clothing worldwide, The New York Times to sell photography and gifts, and Cracka Wines to sell wine Australia-wide from 2,500 wineries. Shopify powers over 10% of the world’s eCommerce and has a market capitalisation of over $10 billion (NYSE:SHOP).

Our eCommerce experience ranges from online orders at our own restaurant up to enterprise-level implementations for giant online retailers. Shopify works across this entire range; from a fast-casual restaurant up to the next Amazon. We’re ideal for mature businesses with a desire to ramp up sales, loyalty and advocacy. These businesses typically have an excellent product, are well branded, and have a great understanding of their customer. What they need is growth.

How we work with Shopify

By working with us and Shopify, your eCommerce budget is invested in creating a customer experience that drives sales. You buy our award-winning website design expertise and we focus on the customer experience. Shopify takes care of much of the ‘website development’ and behind-the-scenes work. This keeps project budgets affordable and time-to-market fast. 

Client-specific budgets and timelines are created for every project. Once your website is live, you pay Shopify fees directly for using the platform. This includes your hosting and security certificates and starts at $29 per month (crazy good value).

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The ‘Future of Retail’ Platform

Shopify can be used to power any retail experience you can imagine. It’s brilliant at bringing physical experiences and online retailing together. It’s the flexibility of Shopify that makes it a ‘Future of Retail’ platform. 

If you can dream it, you can build it on Shopify. It has an incredibly powerful API that means other systems and logic can be built on top. In-store and online integration (omnichannel) comes standard. The technology for retail experiences of the future – like personalisation, augmented reality and printing on demand – can be bolted on.

The platform also facilitates powerful marketing automation. Inventory can be syndicated to Amazon. It builds Facebook and Google audiences and enables very targeted ads. Shopify does all of this simply, intuitively, and it’s largely automatic.

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