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Innovation labs don’t work. Find out why and learn what to do instead:

The last three years have seen Nordstrom, Microsoft, Disney, Target, Coca-Cola, British Airways and The New York Times either close or dramatically downsize their innovation labs. 90% of innovation labs are failing.

We identify the innovation skill set and the top five board members who can help a company get ahead of technological disruption. More in The Australian Financial Review.

See how design thinking created an entirely new way to buy and sell cars:

This 20 minute presentation at UX Australia, the leading user experience conference, tells the story of Carzoos and how it redefined a century ­old business model.

As Amazon strengthens its local market share, hear how to boost revenue with a better website experience for customers that drives loyalty and advocacy. Five simple tips:

User experience, or UX, is the commercial engine of the Internet. Yet corporate Australia typically fails to unlock its full value. Here’s how.

Can traditional retail survive? Sure, but it’s going to have to turn to customer experience to do it. Survival advice for bricks and mortar stores:

Traditional retailers need to consider how they can beat e-commerce at its own game by building on their inherent strengths and prioritising online’s own biggest weapon.

Until last year, a 112-year old watch company was the world’s most popular watch brand. Now it’s Apple.

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