Branding at The Village

Nike Brand

Same white t-shirt, same factory in China. The $50 price difference? That’s branding.

The name ‘Nike’ comes from the Greek goddess of victory. The name was thought about long and hard. The ‘swoosh’ logo was a simple, fluid design that conveys motion and speed. It took a week to create the original logo but years to tweak the logo we know today. The tagline ‘Just Do It’ was created to be simultaneously universal and personal. The campaigns Nike used to position itself were always edgy, ‘take no prisoners’ ads - as founder Phil Knight famously said, ‘I want to see ideas that scare me’. Nike then sought out athletes to endorse that shared its best-of-the-best values.

All of these elements are part of Nike’s brand. The company’s commitment to the creation of the brand is why the company has sales of USD$35b per year and yes, why it can charge $59 for a $9 t-shirt.

Your brand is the shortcut customers take to understanding your product or service and why they should choose yours over the competitors’. We approach the creation of brand with the seriousness it deserves.

Our branding work has achieved outstanding commercial results for clients including:


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