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We take an award-winning user experience approach to website design and development. Our websites have delivered substantial commercial success and ROI by bringing business goals together with customer needs.

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Website Design & Development


Every engagement begins with understanding the commercial goals we’re designing for. Typical goals include increasing total sales, increasing average transaction value and lowering the cost to serve. We start with business. The right strategic approach leads to outcomes like 12:1 ROI and ensures we’re designing to impact the right metrics.

One of the world’s best user experiences of the year.

User Experience Award Winner, My Big Tomorrow

Customer Research 

We take the time to talk to people within the target audience about their real needs. By understanding how they research, try and buy we gain an understanding of how we can be most useful to them online. We pair primary research with relevant data sources to understand the buying process and entire customer journey.

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the bringing together of business goals with the customer’s needs. UX determines the overall website concept, layout, information architecture and online journeys. Through iterative prototyping and customer testing, UX determines how to reduce the barriers to conversion, increase sales and increase engagement and loyalty. A user experience approach can increase a company’s revenue and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of competitors. Read more

We have been really impressed by both your understanding of what we were trying to do as well as your delivery.

National supplier to over 100,000 companies

Interface Design and Website Development

Art direction consisting of images, fonts and colours bring your brand to life online. Copywriting is refined to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and assist conversion. Design and development is responsive, such that the website adapts to all screen sizes. Websites look great on across phones, tablets and displays of all sizes. Common browsers are designed for. We take pride in how the website looks to all audiences, including those managing the website’s content management system. We take great care to ensure websites are easily managed by clients ongoing.

Measure and Refine

We monitor and analyse the success of the website via a range of tools and metrics. Conversion rates are tracked and fine-tuning takes place to introduce additional content and tweak the user experience as required.

The team at The Village of Useful has been exceptional to work with. From the first meeting right through to the delivery of our website, the professionalism and attention to detail has been outstanding.

NSW Energy & Resources Knowledge Hub

Digital Marketing

A website isn’t finished on launch day. Along with measurement and refinement, digital marketing is required to give a website the greatest chance of success. Digital marketing brings traffic from the right customers at the right time to drive going sales and website ROI.

Sales are up 10% since the redesign.

National retailer

Platform Expertise

We frequently advise on the right website platform for organisations ranging from private businesses to ASX 200. While there are platforms we have deep expertise in – such as Shopify and Craft – these aren’t the answer for every organisation. We’ve often recommended different platforms because they’re the absolute best fit for the organisation. In this case, we refer trusted and proven development partners for the implementation.

In making platform decisions we’re guided by four principles:

  • The best user experience for the customer.
  • An excellent content authoring experience with flexibility for website administrators.
  • Effective and efficient delivery of business goals, including marketing automation, eCommerce, personalisation, business intelligence, etc.
  • Scalability.


For eCommerce and retail strategies we regularly use Shopify. Shopify’s user friendly platform takes care of much of the ‘foundation website development’ and behind-the-scenes work for ecommerce. This keeps project budgets affordable and time-to-market fast. By working with us and Shopify, your eCommerce budget is mostly invested in the user experience and smarts required to drive sales. Read more

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Craft CMS

For small, medium and sometimes large websites Craft CMS is often a good fit. It’s one of the most user-friendly CMS platforms available and is incredibly customisable. It brings phenomenal control and flexibility to website administrators while allowing developers to work quickly and easily to build fully custom designs. Our clients love Craft CMS due to its ease of use – particularly the ‘live preview’ content authoring feature which has a sophistication well beyond many other content management systems.

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  • Global UX Award (1 of 9 globally) and Australian Web Award for digital effectiveness for the University of Newcastle, beating Google.
  • 20% revenue increase for a national travel website (12:1 ROI).
  • Sustained revenue growth for CleverPatch, a leading national craft brand.
  • 10% revenue increase for a national retailer.

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